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Big tire drag racing rules

big tire drag racing rules WELD Racing has dominated all levels of drag racing and oval racing. Wild card can be any of the other 4 classes, IE a Big tire or small or the other two. 5 inches of tread. 9 mile, 13 turn roadcourse, 4000 foot dragstrip, Motocross track, RV Park, fishing ponds, and garages. No one accidentally wins over 250 events without tires that hook up. 18 OVERVIEW The No Prep Championship Tournament will include 9 Events on the no-prep circuit (each a “Race”, collectively the “Tournament”). Door car; Up to 29. Bobby: The big issue at the time was the rule that one had to use an iron engine block. 18 Outlaw Racing Big tire cars vs. 82 seconds is amazing, wait until you see an absolutely wrecked Citroën restored to racing shape in 32 minutes. (25pts race entry) (10 points for every round won) (5 bonus points for a race, win) (3 bonus points for a race runner up) (2 points for a semifinal round finish!) This could be a single racer or two! The basic rules of drag racing were sensible, and some were familiar from other track work I've done: look ahead to where you want to go (the finish), keep it pointed straight, keep a light touch A killer Big Tire race for $$$$ during the Coffeyville street drags 'Border Battle' event. 13 Classification By Tires -Tires must be 275/60/15-No wheelie bars-Current tags and valid insurance mandatory-No transbrakes -No two-steps-No parachutes-No air to water intercoolers unless OEM from factory-Mufflers required (unless turbo)-No hood/fender/bumper exit exhaust-Full factory glass-Fiberglass hoods permitted-Must have all body panels on car at all times A big tire car as defined by this competition is any tire larger than a 10. T. Class Rules. 2 cell battery limit. The Hoosier Racing Tire Drag Racing Division has been producing winning race tires for over 27 years. Funny Drag Racing T-Shirt No Patience Race Fuel Burnt Tires. 0'' Approximate Diameter: 29. 90 seconds and speeds up to 90 mph. Pro Tree. *SB Turbos/Blower/Nitrous- 2450lbs. The other great thing about the OZ Racing Ultraleggera wheel was that it came in at a svelte 15. ODR is a qualified 16-Car field. 400 Pro Tree. Vortech Superchargers Outlaw 8. The front tire has an inspired look with revolved cuts so the driver can feel the straight-line stability with very light rolling resistance. Byron's owner since 1969, Leek began drag racing in 1955, and promoted his first big match-race event in 1957, which was made up of a pair of class-legal racing coupes; two weeks later, he booked in match drag racers Arnie Beswick and Gary Dyer and their Super Stockers. 00 - 12. These two finishers claimed Moroso tire pressure gauges for their efforts, while that top drag run was good for a Holley Terminator X EFI system. The Starfish Mambo Beadlock R/C Drag Racing Wheel (#3415B) is designed to accommodate wide rear slicks while offering an easy-to-mount setup. 99 and 13. Typical track length is 132 feet, which is the 1/10-scale equivalent of a 1/4-mile run. Must have 4 shocks, each controlling the stability of a wheel as intended by the MFG. No 315 drag radials or 295’s. 5 (non W) or 325 radial; Factory style roof & quarters; No full aftermarket composite bodies; No wheelie bars Hughes Performance Big Tire/No Time. 5 10. Bogacki wins on Mickey Thompson drag racing tires. NO RAILS OR FUNNY CARS. All cars must be a door car, no dragsters in BT, ST, and DR. No alcoholic beverages Drivers meeting will be held before start of race Judges decisions are final Protest fee is $100, driver can only protest a truck in the class they are competing in. 6. Any blower or power added is allowed, must have a VIN with factory exterior panels, DOT Tire Required . Outlaw Drag Radial. A chip draw will be done for elimination pairings. For front-wheel drive vehicles the goal is to minimize weight transfer away from the front tires. 28. Drag Racing @5pm The class currently has a $6,100 championship points fund courtesy of Motor City Racing, Steel City Racing, and Mr. 7 pounds each, whereas the stock Fiesta ST wheels were a hefty 22. 60) X275 is a heads-up class designed for small tire, single power adder small block and big block engine combinations to compete on the eighth mile. It really pointed out the need for national rules. • Vehicle and driver must comply with NHRA and/or IHRA certifications. All Decals will be available during registration at the ADRL Event Trailer. 1/8 mile. No tie rods or locks downs. X275 Drag Radial 2021 Updated: March 21, 2021 CLASS OVERVIEW X275 is a heads-up class designed for small tire, single power adder small block and big block engine combinations to compete on the eighth mile. O. 003rd Place = $10. Terry Wright. 16 car qualified field. 3-inches. Original profile and appearance must be retained. Bigger then that you are into "Big Tire". REGISTRATION: All Small Tire / No-Time racers must register at the ADRL Event Trailer before taking your car to tech. Instant green, no time on boards and time slips split. Must have all four Shocks. Drag cars modified specifically to go straight really fast are the name of the game. 1980 and older for Stock. And each of the Big Three’s drag racing packages are refined: 409-powered Chevy Impala Z11s, lightweight 427-cube Ford Galaxies and 413-cube Plymouth Belvederes become the scourges of the strip. 6. I also think you’re going to see less dust, better track conditions, and a higher level of close, competitive racing that our fans deserve. 1. Then there are "Medium tires". 89 must have vehicles meeting all the requirements for Master’s level licensing in addition to the following safety measure: 0. Impromptu drag races between friends is one of the more enjoyable things to do on an ATV. ly/32vJMXo. While there is no wrong way to race your buddies, there are proper ATV drag races taking place all across the country. This Raceway includes a 1. No fiberglass bodies except OEM. We are excited to host this event at VMP and bring the world’s best small tire drag racers to one place to fight it out for big money and huge bragging rights at the world’s quickest drag radial track. 5 / X275 October 9 th – Winner Take All / Outlaw 10. Drag Racing info and cars and parts for sale. “We have seen a tremendous amount of sales of ET Radials for 17-inch and larger wheels, so we know enthusiasts are excited about racing their late-model cars,” commented Tom Kundrik, director of motorsports at Mickey Thompson Tires. 0 Points; Jr Dragster Big Tire Drag Racing from the Midwest Original home of Heads Up Doorslammer Racing, Ozark Raceway Park's 2015 Street Machine Shootout. “Rim width is related to drag slick inflation pressure,” Bickel said. If you or your Company are interested, please contact Mike at 254-982-0119 or mikegarvin@rocketmail. All entries must pre-register with Street Car Takeover. "big tire" and a TIRE LIMITED TO 28X10. 2 tire; Custom cut tread will be allowed; Any nitro burning engine . 5 inches tall and or wider than 12. The greater the weight transferred the better. ” Straight to No. Posted in NHRA Rules of the 60's | Comments Off. 0 and 5. BBQ with family and friends. He’s quick to point out that the tires are quite a bit smaller than the Outlaw 10. 4-9-2021 norm's night small tire shoot out $5350 pro test n tune big tire shoot out door car's only both classes and grudge race April 16, 2021 4-16-2021 ROYAL RUMBLE SP;LIOT DECISION I would go that route unless you want some sort of blinged out appearance. m<. ----UP to 315 drag radial allowed. Any tire size allowed. 5W-15* STIFF SIDEWALL Tread Width: 11. Yellow Bullet Forums Since 2005 A forum community dedicated to drag racing drivers and enthusiasts. N/A cars can run 29. Must be 10th scale platform. Such is the same with small-tire drag racing, and I saw some of the best in the world at the recent Outlaw Street Car Reunion. Drag Slicks. Drag racing is an established sport in South Africa, with a number of strips around the country including Tarlton International Raceway and ODI Raceway. 45 degree pushrod big twin motor (no 4 cam or 60 degree motors) any heads While the NHRA’s announcement of revamped rules for Pro Stock drag racing is an important step for its future, the question remains, did they go far enough to ensure the-long-term participation So we built that big-tire Monza. It's really smooth. I would like wider rear tires so I can have more grip at launch and control at high speeds so my car doesn't start to drift around all over the road. 1 Introduction The NHRA rules for electric drag racing are a condensed version of the original NEDRA rules. 13. Now, this is when the Christmas Tree will react differently depending on the type of racing. 29-31, during the 17th annual U. When there’s 20 or 50K up for grabs, and tire size and wheelbase are the only rules, then everyone wants a chance. Friday, February 19, 2021. This is the year-end no prep party that you cannot afford to miss! We have scaled down the dimensions from the "Real" Sand/Mud Race tracks. 028 Mitglieder. . The intention of these rules is to provide an easy-to-understand guide to the FAST style of drag racing. Rules - Carpet Drag Racing. 5" 2nd Chance Race - 100% Payout For classes 1&2 Being that the main races are single elimination, participants who are eliminated in the 1st two rounds of each class will have the chance to buy into a 2nd chance race. I prefer the smaller tire look. “We’ve been testing, putting in the time, trying to adapt to the new rules for 2011, and come out swinging at the Gatornationals. 0/10. He didn't make much money. The car soon becomes very unstable during hard cornering because it tends to unload and lift the inside rear tire as the suspension binds up; Very slow on corner exit as the inside rear tire will be very unloaded, or even off the ground, so very little throttle can be applied for acceleration Final Drag Race 2020. 27. The normal classes that run every month 10. That means the participant vehicles burn more than one thousand dollars worth of fuel and rubber for the average 4 seconds of the drag race, which gets us to the usual cost of $5K per each quarter-mile run. It should be pointed out that the roll out measured above is the total roll out of the tire. Drag Racing Chassis Fabrication; Don’t Cry For Me Cosworth . This upcoming weekend is our final drag race weekend. 12 to . 60/12. 922 likes. 5 Non W and bigger tire size - Big Tire vehicles require steel roof and quarters unless came factory with composite. A1 Cycles Xtreme Bagger Rules. MagnaFuel Xtreeme Drag Radial. S. White or transparent. All vehicles must run required sponsor decals. com. 5 cars which use a 10. Shocks must have movement. Sat: 14: TBA: Fri: 27: Kool Small Tire classes from the the 2016 Street Machine Shootout at Ozark Raceway Park. C. REGISTRATION: All Big Tire / No-Time racers must register at the SCSN Event Trailer before taking your car to tech. Mickey Thompson drag tires are dependable and fast, the type of product Bogacki depends on. DRAGWAY TRACK INFO HOTLINE:: 410-287-5486 New Rules, New Year (10) Race Director may stop any race at any time and check cars for violation of any rule. Clock your personal best and get the best price anywhere when it’s time to re-up on fresh racing rubber. Stay tuned for more details. Racer $100. WELD’s precision engineered drag racing wheels have been proven at 330mph and up against the cushion at bullrings around the world. and tires and some of Instant Green® the first interactive drag racing game show that allows both fans and racers to win big cash and prizes simultaneously in front of our cameras. 5 x 10. Track refurbishment Late April. 5 pounds. Note: The sidewall measurement will change with rim width. 17. ly This is our new NITRO 44 rolling chassis drag bike, purpose built for minibike drag racing at any level from beginner to the more advanced die hart racer. In essence, that measurement is how far the tire moves in one complete revolution. • Competition vehicles are required to move under own power. These guys are doing things that seem to bend the very laws of With two full days of action packed racing, there is something for everybody to experience at this event. Class Rules: Vintage Super Stock/Stock. 3'' Approximate Cir: 91. If you stay within a 15" tire there are tons of drag radials available or even good sticky street tires. They usually allow for a 2-3-inch tolerance. 10 seconds will be reduced from the elapsed run time. 0 and 11. The four teams from across the country each had to bring their five members to a neutral location to build a racecar on a tight budget, and on an even tighter For a race recap and some of the best still shots we were able to pull out of Indiana, keep scrolling! ODSS 1/8-Mile Action. That’s when we got associated with Midwest Street Cars. This mini bike can use all the popular engine from the clone 6. Maximum clearance between sidewall and body is 3 inches. The drag radial small tire phenomenon is in it’s eighth season after the seventh edition was cancelled. 2S Lipo (8. Ian Hill Racing Productions (IHRP) brings you the 2020 low down – The RPM Magazine Smackdown4 Powered by Maxima Racing Oil is back, as are the Maxima Racing Oil Canada Heads Up – Street Car Shootout Series and UNFINISHED BUSINESS returns to NYIRP. If you’ve built a dedicated race car with serious performance in mind, this is the class to show what you can do! If you have literally any questions at all, help with the car, with navigating your local track’s events to see what could work for you, or anything about drag racing, visit https://startdragracing. m. The Nostalgia Funny Car Project; Chevy power takes the win at Indy; Drag Car Chassis Certification; The Coupe Comes Out of Winter Hibernation; How to fit a big tire, in a small car; Funny Car Chassis In Final Weld Process; A Chassis Tag And NHRA Certification Are Included The exact safety requirements vary from track-to-track, but there are some general guidelines. MMR Open Comp Extreme Racing Oil Triple Index (10. 400 pro tree with a pro ladder. Setup for Big Tire 32-16-15 Has been ran on Small Tire 32,000 obo. com) We have the right to refuse any racer that’s why you should ask first. 1/10 Scale 2wd Trucks. Continue reading →. 5 non W, or up to 315 Drag Radial. Centrifugal Superchargers, Turbochargers and Nitrous Combinations are restricted to specific dimensions/sizes to ensure overall class parity. 400 Pro Tree. No electronic ads and no throttle stops. 027-second E. 400 pro tree and is qualified based off elapsed time, from quickest to slowest. com . 5-15W D06* Tire Size: 29. Drifters and drag racers will be showing off their skills Aug. We have to imagine there will be even more players coming out to take a crack at that number one spot. “Leaf-spring suspensions are like all others in drag racing in that they need a coefficient of friction between the tire and track surface to allow the suspension to be a player. 5 10. Drag racing is a type of motor racing in which automobiles or motorcycles (usually specially prepared for the purpose) compete, usually two at a time, to be first to cross a set finish line. on Basics of Drag Racing. Kids 12&under FREE w/adult. Almost all dragstrips have a mandatory process called a tech inspection, which is a basic once-over of Racing on unprepared track surfaces has become all the rage, largely because of big-name cable TV series like Street Outlaws and No-Prep Kings. (11) It is the intent of these rules to keep racing as equal as possible. 44v max. Body must cover the tires. 50 Index Class: Any Door car. 5 inches of width by 33 inches of diameter. 1st Place = $60. These multi-carbureted, big block monsters will tear up the The biggest drag racing series in the world will make its 36th annual visit to Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park south of Phoenix on Feb. Nitrous oxide combinations can run any tire at base weight, no weight penalty on nitrous cars for the big tire. When you are about to line up for your next round, remember to step back and look at the big picture, run a game plan through your mind on how you are going to turn the win light on The Super Comp drag racing class runs on a 8. 99). 295/315's and 29. Big Tire Rules: Door cars only. However, the front tires must continue to provide steering capability. General Class Rules – 275 Drag Radial – 1/8th Mile Racing, 8 car qualified field 1. He can run the new car on both big and small tires, as he ran it in the Small Tire Brawl during No Prep Kings Season 2, and plans to run it in the Big Tire class during No Prep Kings Season 3. Wrecked rally car repaired in half an hour . Some machines are born purely to kick against the skeptics. As always please see the events page for the latest details and updates. 12 to . 8-inches. 1964: In August, Don Garlits may or may not be the first man to hit 200mph in a race car. Then for a while everybody wanted a radial Organizations like the NHRA, the PDRA (Professional Drag Racers Association), and the IHRA (International Hot Rod Association) serve as sanctioning bodies that create the rules for classes of racing, and govern the types of racing and series that amateur and professional racers participate in to ensure safety measures and standards of conduct. The approved rim range for race tires is the tread width plus or minus 1. PerformancePlusTire. 19″ and larger wheel size has no tire limit. I think most of us orginally went the small tire plan because it was way for us to be able to afford to compete, now that small tire racing is so big, I think that idea has long since passed. Big Tire: Must be a door car, no aftermarket complete fiber glass or carbon fiber bodies. 16 car qualified field. One such No, because drag racing is a numbers game, and it’s all about what you can do with certain equipment to be the fastest in your class. 5 permitted (tire rules might be different for certain cities. " As Dennis Hill (Foamy) pointed out at most tracks wiping up glue is at racer option and only limited by how much time is allowed. 18. Stock body lines & profile must be maintained. Watch small tire and big tire street cars and race cars attack Gainesville Raceway's all-concrete racing surface in at least 6 different race classes! We will post an event listing with details / race classes / rules next week, as well as going Facebook live to discuss current and possible classes. Weights vary according to combination but are generally between 1,975 and 2,050 pounds. Or you can use it to offset the driver’s weight. 002nd Place = $30. I personally ran Kumho 15" 295/50/15s on my drag lites that I ran on my foxbody mustangs back in the day. 50 and 7. 5-15 28. 0X4. Unlike class racing, in Bracket racing there is a huge discrepancy between the performance levels of any two cars. 5, Outlaw Radial, X275, Ultra, Big Tire, 8. Hoosier produces a proven drag strip winner with state of the art real world research and development to give our slicks the winning edge. Drifting is Saturday and Sunday. Go to Headsupnoprep. braced 9" ford 4:86 pro gear from PEM 12 passes, 2 speed glide trans brake, 5500 dynamic converter new, 462 big block dart pro 1 heads jesel rockers,vinolla 14. Annual "Veteran Day Celebration Race" Bakersfield R/c Raceway hosts the Veterans Day Celebration Race annually. Class Rules. We just want to part of making Drag Racing Great Again! Shan ADRL Decals must be placed on both left & right sides of race car on the 1/4 Window, 1/4 Panel or Side of Rear Wing in a highly visible location. Big Tire Class: 33. The average cost of each second of a Top Fuel drag race is estimated to be more than $1K. Anything is allowed in the index classes. The slapper bars stop that movement, and use that force to push the tires into the ground. 44v max). Decorate your laptops, water bottles, notebooks and windows. 49 or faster in the quarter mile, you’ll need a 6-point roll bar, 5-point harness and a fire jacket. Front tires shall be Panther Razor T475 or Pro-Line Mohawk #1126; Rear Tires shall be Panther T470 Paddle or Pro-Line Sing Shot #1125 or Sand Paw #1052; Custom cut paddle will be allowed; Any nitro burning engine . Radial-tire legend Dewayne "Big Daddy" Mills is going Pro Mod racing. 5 to the more powerful BS Animal engines. 275/60/15 or smaller DOT-approved drag radial *275Pro is allowed, Pro Bracket Radials are NOT* *17in or larger diameter wheel can run up to 325 tire* Vehicle must be registered/insured; Stock style front suspension (no back halfs or aftermarket 4-link setups) Must have a dashboard; Must be able to complete a 30 mile cruise without stopping or refueling (The privilege to draw envelope is earned via a race win no splits permitted) Points accumulate as follows. 10 60-foot, and then pour on the coals to make it to the eighth-mile in 3. The one rule that most fans seem to be aware of, yet don’t completely understand, is the much discussed “tire rule. Our goal here is to more fully explain these rules so that competitors can more easily comply with the rules and National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) inspectors can be sure that competitors are complying with both the letter and the intent of the rules. 0-inches 84. Must be 2 wheel drive. One of the most fundamental rules in drag racing is known as first or worst. Mambos by JConcepts is the latest wide-body tire built specifically for RC Drag Racing. At NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series events, fans may see more than 200 classes of vehicles in 15 categories, or eliminators. 00 to 13. See the fastest no prep and outlaw drag racers in the country battle it out at the last big race of the season for over $40,000 in payouts. 0-inches 88. 5 No W's Class 2 Big Tire Rules: Max tire height 33. small tire cars is typically seen as a mismatch. 5 division using drag radials. I've got the engine, transmission, and rear differential tuned how I want for drag racing, it's extremely fast and controllable. With a good spin balance you can rev it up in high gear and set a cup of coffee on the injector. Weight Distribution: Weight transfer to the driving tires upon launch is critical in drag racing. $20 Car & Driver Test-n-Tune – $11 Spectator Admission. SCSN Decals must be placed on both left & right sides of race car on the 1/4 Window, 1/4 Panel or Side of Rear Wing in a highly visible location . M&H Racemaster Cheater Slicks offer great performance and a sizing range that boasts models that will fit within most stock wheel wells, to tubbed street cars to high performance cars with big brakes including Corvettes and other late model performance cars. 00 Pro Outlaw 632 is a big-tire category with N/A and nitrous combinations permitted, meeting the specific rules of the category. Races start at 7 p. 5. facebook. Come join the discussion about racing, builds, pro mods, hot rods, events, turbos, nitrous, superchargers, and more! Custom buy drag racing tires online from Performance Plus Wheel and Tire from PerformancePlusTire. Gate fee: $30. Only cars that raced and lost in the initial race can Rules For 1955 to 1979 muscle cars built in United States and Canadian assembly plants with a minimum warranty of 12 months and 12,000 miles. Small Tire: No wheelie bars, Max 29. 400 Pro Tree heads up racing. Check event details on the event you’re racing in)-Imports running a 4 cylinder or smaller 28×10. Mickey Thompson 295/65/15 Drag Radial (PN: 3558) and Hoosier 295/65/15 DR2 (PN: 17316DR2) will be the legal tire options for the 'big' tire option. 0 6. Nostalgia Super Stock | 1/4 mile Designed to recreate the 60’s drag racing craze, Nostalgia Super Stock is intended for Super Stock style race vehicles and run in a heads-up format. Anything is allowed in the index classes. 50 Points; 7. For slicks, this may be around 7 lbs of tire pressure. Cole Boulevard in Flint in this Flint Journal file photo. We have a retail facility in Long Beach, California and are family owned and operated for over 45 years. 90 time limit, with essentially no rules regarding engine displacement, carburetion or type of vehicle. Organized sand […] . Sponsorship’s available for the 2021 season. racing, classifieds, track finder, and many other feature presentations Sebring Drag Racing. C. The Appendix to this report describes the major forms of American racing in more detail. Race what ya bring, listen to the DJ, or enjoy great food and drinks in the 118 Bar & Grill overlooking the track! Hurricane racing tours Big tire, small tire, cash days, grudge racing, dig or die, it's all happens under the Hurricane! Thanks to all who came out to support our last Street Nite and Cash Race at the 'Creek' of the 2016 Season! Congrats also to Dan Bergstrom on the Big Tire WIN, (you are still the KING in Big Tire!) and to our runner ups, Jason King in Small Tire and Travis Reutzel in Big Tire! 8. Interior must have both front seats. ” Once the front tires touch the first invisible beam, the pre-stage light turns on which is the two small bulbs at the very top of the Tree. All your hobby needs from airplanes, helicopters, boats and cars. 5 inches. Here I am to tell you about the unspoken rules of street racing that should, at least, make you and anyone involved a tad safer. Mickey Thompson 295/65-15 Drag Radial (PN: 3558) and Hoosier 295/65-15 DR2 (PN: 17316DR2) will be the legal tire options for the 'big' tire option. 5 to 31's. One fat-tire enabler is narrowing the rearend housing, and there are some considerations to make if you want to make sure your rearend keeps its shape when the power is applied. 5-16 or Larger. Factory roof and quarter panels must be used. 14. The injected nitro cars do not use a transmission, and the supercharged cars have three forward speeds. But beyond the personalities and reality-show drama, there’s an important reason why this type of racing is resonating so much with the general public: Lack of traction is a great equalizer. 35 thoughts on “ Drag Racing Manifesto: It’s Time For Some Real Talk On Radial Tire Racing – A Critical Crossroads Has Been Reached ” Todd December 16, 2020 at 4:17 am. Gamblers Race at 4 p. Holder's AC & Heating Small Tire-Stock Suspension NT. Drag racing is controlled by Motorsport South Africa and all drivers are required to hold a valid Motorsport South Africa license. Must be basic period correct. The driver can feel it in the burnout too. 2. 5 increments and make a new test pass until you get tire spin. Not Royce Peyton, though. I don’t think that I would build a car to compete in factory appearing stock tire drag racing, since I also want to go around corners fast. Delta RC hosted a big Cash Days event at the Contra Costa Fair Grounds. Any tire. Any brand DOT 275/60-15 Drag Radial. 0/34. Event Policy. 2. Option 1/8 mile or ¼ mile (depending on the track) 1980 and older for Super Stock. If you think changing a set of tires in 1. 12 to . Unique Drag Racing stickers featuring millions of original designs created and sold by independent artists. NEW Little River Dragway Shirt LRD T-SHIRT NEW Track Merchandise LRD MERCHANDISE Before each race (also known as a pass), each driver is allowed to perform a burnout, which heats the driving tires and lays rubber down at the beginning of the track, improving traction. Thanks to Exotics Racing for helping secure the facility, and a big thank you to Continental Tire for being the title sponsor. Sometimes, you can find a stout housing from another vehicle that will fit, but in some instances, having one custom-made is the best solution. 5-15 27. 17. Get maximum performance out of your vehicle with our selection of track tires. Tentative rules have been announced as they finalize the rulebook. com is one of the leading drag racing tires sites around. The Rules: (as of 02-01-2020) Short course based chassis, 2wd. *BB Turbos/Blower/Nitrous- 2650lbs. Tires: Front tires must have a minimum tread width of 4. Drag Radial, P 275 /60R15, Radial, Solid White Letters, DR2 Compound, Each Part Number: HOO-17375DR2 Class Rules. The ELITE license will be exclusive to drivers ages 16-17 with elapsed time restrictions between 7. Outlaw Big Tire: $100 Buy In + $40 Tech Card-28 X 10. 2011 Mickey Thompson Tires/BigStuff3 Outlaw Drag Radial Rules FORMAT: This is an 1/8 mile heads-up class run on a . - BIG TIRE ($200 buy in) ----Anything with doors! ----IF you can fit the tire, you can RACE IT!!! - SMALL TIRE ($200 buy in) $4000 Guaranteed PAYOUT. Luke is a big believer in the products they use and sell, he says he depends on these products to win. Big Tire, Small Tire, And More! Nov 15, 2019 Chad Reynolds 1320 Drag News , 1320 Event Coverage , 1320 Gallery , 1320 NHRA News , 1320 Spotlight , BangShift Galleries , Drag Races 1 NHRA’s Mello Yello Drag Racing series visits a lot of great race tracks each year, but only a handful get a National Event twice per year. This event was added to this season's schedule. Each of these types of auto racing has its own governing body, rules, cars and fans. A lot. The Shootout has a Test & Tune Day on Friday and then eliminations on Saturday. 50 OR SLOWER, 9. approved no-cut tire. 11. Big tires generally have better grip, and put down the small tire rides, well, if not easily, For this race, the 'Stang was gifted with a drag wheel and tire package involving smaller rear wheels that allow the generous sidewalls of the drag radials to help with getting off the line, as So it wasn’t long before I was street racing and heading to the drag strip on a regular basis. We Race the "Super Nationals" once a year. Steel roof, steel quarters, no full tube chassis, no pro mods, no awd, 28x10. The rule of thumb is 4/10ths of an inch, over all, for each 1 inch change in rim width. 0/10. tires is optional). Mopar Street King Payouts. It can also be used to counteract the natural rotation of a drag race chassis, loading the left rear tire and unloading the right rear tire. The new car, while unnamed, is a big tire car. The accepted standard for that distance is a quarter-mile (1,320 feet), but sometimes it is an eighth-mile (660 feet). Especially BIG TIRE (shanmorgan68@gmail. Pro Outlaw 632 is contested on a . On the drag strip, mixing radials with bias-ply tires front to rear (not side-to-side) is allowable, but not recommended for the street. Hotties tires by JConcepts were created to look and perform the part of a performance Drag Racing tire without compromising grip. (12) Please watch your language, race clean, and have fun. 5-16 N2021 H18780N2021. 0/34. sc racing wrote:If its a bracket race car consistancy is the name of the game so big tires,adjustable suspension,light car etc,etc is the way to go but if its a heads up type car lots of rules apply and one of them is tire size. (Outlaw class not applicable. All crew must purchase a separate admission ticket. But, getting a 392 cid hemi block in good The Nitto Tire NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing presented by HPJ Performance moves to World Wide Technology Raceway at Gateway in Madison, Illinois for 2020. We’re expecting good weather and cool temperatures but will be watching the forecast through the week. To put on the best show possible, the race was run according to Outlaw Diesel Super Series rules. 0'' Tire Weight: 22 lbs. ELITE license holders that dial between 7. 1 pistons, 1080 dominater, runs 6. m. 0, 6. 0; DAILY DRIVER CLASS; JUNIOR BRACKETS–REDEMPTION FUTURE ALLSTARS; OLD SCHOOL OUTLAWS; Outlaw Big Tire; OUTLAW TRUE STREET; RUN WHAT CHA’ BRUNG; SMALL TIRE; SMALL TIRE—SATURDAY; SPORTSMAN; TRUCK AND WAGON CLASS; TRUE STREET; Events. Turning to the premier sanctioning body in diesel drag racing meant that the most talented drivers in the nation would This M&H Racemaster Cheater Slick is DOT approved for street driving, and features a bias ply construction, just like a regular racing slick. Big Tire. O’Reilly’s Saturday Grudge Racing also features: The O’Reilly’s Shootout – A street legal ET points series with a $1500 points fund! (Great for entry level bracket racing) 1970 nova backhalfed ladder bar, 14-32-15 slicks. A drag racing event is a series of such two-vehicle, tournament-style eliminations. The National Hot Road Association (NHRA) proudly admits that it has over 200 classes in comparison to the IHRA. 1/8th mile Heads Up class on a . Engine and Weights: Advance Transmission Big Tire: Any tire, wheelie bars allowed, must be self-starting. 0X4. $300 entry $100 deposit to lockin that's nonrefundable. 50 6. 5/275 (SLICKS OK ON FWD APPLICATIONS) ANY SIZE TIRE PERMITTED ON 17IN OR LARGER WHEELS 9. 1 “We ran across a forum on the computer called ‘Midwest Street Cars. This arrangement is most valuable in a car such as a Stocker or a bracket car where suspension adjustment capability is rules-restricted, or it’s simply 275 radial or 28×11. Rubber tire only (No Foam Tires) The body must be over the tires. 5w. 5 non W MAXIMUM. Arm Drop, Chase is Race, Water burnout only. 50 ET CAP (MUST RUN 9. Hoosier Racing Tire 17375DR2 - Hoosier DOT Drag Radial Tires Tire, D. There are a large number of considerations when discussing leaf-spring cars. Class Description. of air pressure. Ross Racing Pistons Limited 235. *Vehicle must start from inside, no external start or jump off. For the R/C No Prep, there’s only a few very basic rules: 2wd Short Course Truck based (12-13” wheelbase). Sprint racing was straight-line racing, but like time trials or land-speed racing, it was a single-car run against a clock. If you love the ease of mounting tires to beadlock wheels, you’re going to dig JConcepts latest set of drag racing rims. Rubber Tires. 0 & 7. The new compound called N2021 will improve the tuning window to all cars from naturally aspirated Pro Stock, Top Sportsman and Outlaw 632 cars up This M&H Racemaster Cheater Slick is DOT approved for street driving, and features a bias ply construction, just like a regular racing slick. Drag racing your hot-rodded diesel rig actually starts well before you hit the dragstrip. RULES - Southeast Nostalgia Drag Racing. 1/8th mile Heads Up class on a . Share This. Like In drag racing, the number one rule of thumb is that per 100 pounds taken out of a vehicle, 0. Additionally, Pro Mods were quickly taking off their big slicks and slapping on a pair of Mickey Thompson 315s and entering the spectacle of drag-radial racing, most recently at Lights Out 7 at Carolina N/T Small Tire Racing Productions 2021 RULES Points Championship 2021 Rules for Carolina N/T Outlaw Street We will have 2 All Steel Classes All Steel/Glass NOS All Steel/Glass Boost (All Steel - All Glass NOS aka Juice ) Stock appearing exterior: all steel except hood and deck Stock appearing interior: dash and carpet INDEX 7. Fri May 7th - Private track rental Sat May 8th - Opening T&T Saturday Sun May 9th - possible rental opportunity Fri May 14th - JD Track rental(day)Opening Friday night T&T Sat May 15th - WAMM Fun Day + Ont Gassers, plus T&T Sun May 16th - Cdn Sport Compact Series CSCS Drag Day. For now, regardless of how new or seasoned you are to the sport of drag racing, my hope is that you will be able to tie this column together to your racing program. All trucks must go on 3 mile cruise with TECH man before race begins if question by TECH man; Must have all stock engine components from the carburetor to the oil pan, water pump to the flywheel. North Alabama Drag Racing. 2021 schedule - Subject to changes/adjustments due to Covid restrictions etc. 7-9 during Drift Mentality's Drift Bash and the Big Tire/Small Tire Shootout on the drag strip. 5w to be a big tire if it's on anything other then an Outlaw 10. Typically this term is used in reference to the rear tires of cars used in straight line racing, and refers to a car that has modifications to the rear framer rails and suspension system to allow the large tires to fit under the car, but sometimes low budget racers will simply cut the body panels of the car and allow the large tires to extend beyond the body width of The baddest small-tire shootout in Canada. But with our modern high- grip RC tracks becoming more and more popular, tire sauce has been a key element in finding the right handling characteristics for off-road as well. com to Pre register. Most Recent; Sebring History ; Historical Photos. It is a gas burning 392ci Hemi, a dragster chassis with the front tires swapped out for skis, and tracks bonded to the large rear tires. Motor must be brand correct. 1 Underlying Complicated Engineering The blown nitro-injected Hemi V8 in a Top Fuel Funny Car for quarter-mile drag racing is often tuned to the limit of tire traction, with an excess of 60-plus gallons per minute nitromethane fuel flow to create over 11,000 horsepower. 29. You can do it on the trails, in the dunes and in the desert. Many tracks try to minimize this by breaking the bracket racers into classes (e. This is one of 4 of our biggest events of the year. Show & Shine at 4 – 6 p. Modern bias ply tires have an attribute that makes them suited to drag racing: The sidewall wrinkle. 50 were all here with the addition of Top Sportsman for the May race. 2018 Event Schedule; Points. ----29. ’ They had a top-10 list of the fastest street race cars in Oklahoma City. -275 radials/ 28×10. Additional classes include Extreme Pro Stock, Big Tire No-Time, Small Tire No-Time, Pro Jr Dragster, Top Junior Dragster, Old School Back Half 5. Central Florida’s Top 10 small-tire list will certainly experience a shake-up soon, as there’s already talk of another event, and adding in a Big Tire and No Time Grudge class, as well. Which is to look stock, sound stock and run fast, the way muscle cars should, while having fun and building camaraderie among fellow muscle car enthusiasts, and following the intent or spirit of the FAST rules. Even in the grudge-racing world, there are more small-tire shootouts. If it's out of balance, you can feel/see the car shaking when it's in gear. Bay area weather meant some unpredictable winds at the big end which sent cars flying thru the air at times! Drag Racing Parts: https://bit. At the heart of this design is the 2. Trying to get a lot of horespower to the ground on a small tire is were all the fun is, its a lot harder to do it, not saying its easy to get a 4 link big tire car to ©2020 American Drag Racing League. All nostalgia drag racing posters are produced on-demand using archival inks, ship within 48 hours, and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. 2015 european car Tuner GP Presented by Dark Matter Racing’s turbocharged Ford Mustang came home third overall while posting the event’s fastest time down the drag strip: a scorching 11. The Goodguys took nostalgia drag racing to a next level. 30's 1/8 mile at 112 mph 8;50 cert brand new front You can tell a big difference on the jack stands, especially on a TAFC. NO REFUNDS after vehicle has passed tech inspection! All drivers and vehicles must meet NHRA 2021 Requirements/Rules. NHRA Safety rules do apply to participants and vehicles. 5 and wheelie bars. Full-size racing uses it by applying it to the track or tires and chemicals such as VHT are common for use in road and drag racing. Mickey Thompson Tires X275 Radial. 2cell Lipo, 8. A sixty Our biggest race of the year! 10k in Payouts! West Coast King Small Tire Shootout All Motor Shootout West Coast Grudge is a action packed, 1/8 mile, instant green, no time, heads up drag race! Anyone can run, just call out someone or grab a lane and see what your car can do. Drag racing has become such a phenomenon that tracks are popping up more and more around the U. 5/10. O. Each driver then lines up (or stages) …. Drag racing is not considered a sustained duration of speed and therefore the poor handling characteristics you experience during normal street driving do not show. Factory roof and quarter panels must be used. 4 sizes available. 5. Must stay on the same tire throughout the entire event. 5x10. Street Nationals at Bradenton Motorsports Park in south Florida. 0” configuration but stretched out to create a larger contact patch. 5 no w. 5 car with 4,000 hp. 2. 17. Front and rear tires shall be any 2. However, if the fouls are different, the driver who committed the worst foul loses. racing, stock car racing, drag racing, sports car racing, land speed record racing, off-road racing, go-kart racing and a good many other subspecies besides. See you all again next year. “Before the radials got real big, everything was on a slick. Everyday people have gotten involved in legal drag racing. All Decals will be available during registration at the SCSN Event Trailer . Tags: no-prep dragster, team associated, rc drag car conversion, rc dragsters, db10 reflex, db10 drag conversion, how to make a rc dragster, how to make rc drag car, pro-line nova, pro-line chevy nova body, nova dragster, hoosier rc drag tires, proline racing, pro-line pomona wheels, slash drag conversion, no prep drag races, rc, radio control The RC world of drag racing is much the same as with real cars. Rubber Tires. 6inch bias slick on any That said, here's some basic info on No Prep RC Drag Racing. 5'' Recommended Rim: 8-10'' Measured Rim: 10'' Section Width: 13. Front and rear tires shall be any tread type no smaller than: 5 high by 3 wide; Custom cut tread will be allowed ; Any nitro burning engine . 5 / X275 . 5 must be D. Once we mounted our Yokohama Advan A052s, we put the OZ Racing/Yokohama wheel/tire combo on the scales and compared it to a stock wheel/tire weight. Engines can burn either gasoline or alcohol but no nitro or nitrous. Each Race will be invite only […] The all-new Mickey Thompson Tires Street Car Challenge features simple rules to make it easy for enthusiasts whose vehicles do not fit into a specific class to get on track and compete at a national event. It is not unusual to have a large disparity in ET's between the left and right lane. Unlimited class – $750 PRIZE + TRINITY 2. Fri May When you watch a stock-bodied car leave the starting line on a tire that would fit your street car, go about a 1. Yes, it's a pain in the ass. Awards are given for the top 3 finishers in each class. A lot of chatter in the RC community brought the team to producing a new tire in a much wider configuration. Big tires give you the advantage of great traction, but with the penalty of all the weighty rubber and rolling Street racing, however, does happen. NHRA is taking the rivalry to another level in 2018 with its Pro Stock category by allowing any approved engine to be installed in any NHRA-legal body.  Factory lightweight cars built for sanctioned drag racing and dealership-built/modified cars are not eligible to participate WHEELS/TIRES: Any brand 275/60/15 Drag Radial. 99 or faster in the quarter mile, you’ll need helmet. Any engine or power adder. Teamed up with Pro Mod veteran Keith Haney, Mills will debut an all-new "Golden Gorilla" 2016 Camaro--complete with a screw-blown Hemi up front--Jan. T. 60/11. 2019 Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of The NT555 ® RII Drag Radial Tire works in unison with the NT555 ® G2 Summer Ultra High Performance Tire, so you can put the drag radials on the driven axle and the NT555 ® G2’s on the non-driven axle. The car only ran at one event and there was controversey because race officials told Michaelson that there were basically no rules and then they outlawed this from competition when they saw it. 21-23, 2020, for the NHRA Arizona Nationals as the second stop on the 24-race NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series tour. 20 In the street legal drag racing segment it is called cross-breeding and the angst it causes enthusiasts of a particular brand can be amusing. 5 National Championship Series’ 2-3 appearances per season and the occasional small-tire exhibition, the PDRA has been a big-tire racing organization since its inception in 2014. Outlaw Big Tire class coverage from the No Prep Meltdown event at Ozark Raceway Park. Different bars for the 4 links, and the basic leaf spring mods do the same kind of thing, just not as effectively. This winners take all, and with over 100 cars total the pot added up to over $1000. Organizations like the NHRA, the PDRA (Professional Drag Racers Association), and the IHRA (International Hot Rod Association) serve as sanctioning bodies that create the rules for classes of racing, and govern the types of racing and series that amateur and professional racers participate in to ensure safety measures and standards of conduct. THAT was the biggest “Issue” of the day… Tires At the time, most Drag Strips, and Class Rules, limited “Stock” vehicles to Bias-Ply OEM tires, and a Max tread width of 7″. I think the fan wants to see a heads up first to the finish line race instead of a record being broken, remember its called racing. No spectators, just drivers and their families and crews only. If two drivers commit a foul, the one who commits it first automatically loses the race. JConcepts Starfish Mambo Beadlock R/C Drag Racing Wheel. T. BEYOND 1320 & No prep surface Rules. T. ) Tire tread may not extend outside of fender. Tire size 0-38. 9 seconds 2017 MUD RACING RULES General Rules: Any announcement made the day of the event supercedes any and all written material. ” “It’s circling back around,” Lyons added. The race vehicle would then roll inches forward and stop when the staging light turns on which is the two small bulbs right under the pre-stage lights (The staging light indicates that the vehicle is ready to race). When a drag race starts and power is sent through the rear wheels rapidly, a bias ply tire is able to wrinkle and absorb some of the impact so that the rear axle isn’t damaged. 16 car qualified field, with a professional pairing ladder. On my new build, I did plan ahead and made it possible for the car to run from a 275/60 up to a 29. It’s a super easy platform to Drag-race sway bars and road-race sway bars are different animals, so don’t expect them to work effectively in applications they weren’t designed for. 5/10. Includes Qualifying an Max tire size 29. Spectators watch as a man signals for two cars to take off from the starting line while drag racing on James P. 1/10 Scale 2wd Truck, Buggy and Sand Rails. Big Tire/Small Tire Shoot-out: Sun: 8: Nitro Move -in and Test & Tune. Stock body lines & profile must be maintained. 80 RULES –7. Provided the rest of the car is set up correctly, you should plant the tires with no spin, and be on your way. 50 and 7. Transmission must be brand correct. M&H Racemaster Cheater Slicks offer great performance and a sizing range that boasts models that will fit within most stock wheel wells, to tubbed street cars to high performance cars with big brakes including Corvettes and other late Join us during any of our scheduled events. g. Entrants can enjoy scheduled fun-run/grudge race sessions on Friday and Saturday and a FREE entry into Sunday’s True Street Bracket Race. 1. Nitrous oxide combinations can run any tire at base weight, no weight penalty on nitrous cars for the big tire. 18780) N2021 will replace the C2055 compound version. com/ADRLDrags/ RACE RULES: No prep surface, 1/8th mile, heads up, no qualifying. 2 x 3. Please note…all slick tire cars are required to utilize an engine diaper or belly pan in order to compete. 5 DOT slick max tire size; Vehicle must be registered/insured; Stock style front suspension (no backhalf or aftermarket 4-links) Must have dashboard; No wheelie bars; All cars must complete 30 mile cruise without stopping or refueling; No swapping tires after cruise Big Tire race – Two cars that race with a set of tires taller than 28. They started with a single event at Sears Point Raceway (now Infineon Raceway) and gradually added events at tracks like Bakersfield, Sacramento, and Pomona. Class Rules. (Please Pay All Race Fees and Buy In's at the gate) *See note below. • Competition vehicle must drive to the required photo stops. 5W tire that measures wider and taller. com or feel free to comment, pm, or visit us at r/dragracing and ask the racers there. When developing both product lines, Nitto matched the tread pattern and sizing to fit modern performance vehicles. Door car; Any tire; $100 buy in, $1000 guaranteed to win + 80% of buy ins, 20% of buy ins to runner-up; Small Tire – presented by Thelin Auto Body. NITRO 44 minibke roller Does not come with a Tire rules: 17” wheel size minimum (can’t so smaller than 17″), 28” maximum tire size allowed, slicks allowed. 5W tire is permitted-No full tube chassis (back half ok, front half ok)-All 6 cylinder, 4 cylinder and rotary engines can have dual power adders. Body must cover the tires. S. 12. ALL OUT Racers compete in one of the three heads up ALL OUT bracket style ET race classes (Street, Muscle & Extreme) for Big Cash & Prizes. They are not permitted be trailered, pushed or pulled, flown or floated between tracks. If you attend a RC drag race, you’ll see cars in a variety of configurations as well as scales. Pro Drag Radial. Birdman Racing wins Big Tire class at Dirty South No Prep Series at Hub City Dragway in Hattiesburg MS Birdman wins Dirty South No Prep Series season opener! Jerry Bird and Darryl Bird y’all are some gutsy racers making big changes going into the final. Rick races in the True 10. All entries have the option to run either a 275 drag radial tire or 28inch by 10. Facebookhttps://www. Contact BMP Tech Department. There are many classes in drag racing and each class has its own restrictions and its requirements. All cars must utilize a minimum rear wheel diameter of 17-inches and run on DOT-approved tires. 00 Buy in and 100% payback for each tire class. Flashlight start (Beyond 1320) Instant Green (No Prep Surface) 1/8th mile racing. THIS RACE is FLASHLIGHT START, CHASE IS A RACE, except index classes will be normal tree/ instant green. ” But what exactly is “the tire rule” and how does it effect the competition? Well before we dive into the specifics, let’s first take a look at the round black things on all the cars – the tires. Addiction Motorsports Limited Small Tire/No Time. Cross center you lose, first is worse. 5W. However, to improve your 60 foot times, up the tire pressure by. *Door Cars only. Endurance drag racing typically favors turbocharged drivetrains; the combo adds power but is gentle on the equipment it supports, and most teams have left behind traditional big-tire, big-blower cars. One rule that was mentioned was; "You could clean your lane up to the tree witch is about the first 8 to 10 feet. The restrictions include weight, size, modification, body style and many others. – BIG TIRE ($200 buy in) $1000 plus buy ins. Original profile and appearance must be retained. 5-16 N2021 This new tire (part No. “The wider the rim, the more tire pressure you can run while maintaining the same footprint area. /td> Mon: 9: AHDRA Nitro Drags Qualifying (Time TBA) Tue: 10: AHDRA Nitro Drags Finals (Time TBA) Wed: 11: Held open for rain day: Thu: 12: TBA: Fri: 13: Diesel Drags. . Locally, most drag rigs are based on the Traxxas Slash 2wd. What makes it legal is that when they use a dedicated track to the sport and are governed by the rules as set out for the sport. We will be running the normal bracket class schedule on both Saturday and Sunday. Drag racing is all about raw competition, and that’s what is at the heart of the $10K Drag Shootout — but it’s more than just a race, it’s a true challenge of a racer’s skills. - Must be able to self start from inside of the vehicle. ARM DROP MUD DRAG RULES 200’ Side by Side Arm Drop Mud Drag Racing STREET STOCK/ SIDE BY SIDE. 0 Index Classes WE WILL CLOSE OUT BOTH NIGHTS UNDER THE LIGHTS WITH A JET CAR Mopar Street King Class Rules. 1. You can sale your spot if you're able to get a replacement and verify it through me. 5/16. 49 OR QUICKER WILL BE DQ'D) $40 TECH CARD ($30 ONLINE) The tire manufacturers have a wheel rim width recommendation range for each size drag slick. 5 and a maximum rollout of 105, regardless of temperature or wear, as measured with the vehicle off the ground at 8 lbs. Bolting on a $200 right-rear tire is a lot cheaper than the further development and increased expense of shock technology, $1,600 tire bleeder systems, and other handling technology that’s taking place. Big Dog RC indoor, outdoor dirt oval, offroad racing track and hobby shop. Tuesday, March 31, 2020 Buy This Photo. CLASS RULES: OUTLAW BIG TIRE. The sanctioning bodies would allow 12-inch tires until June 1st, when the limit would drop to 11. Awards are given for the top 3 finishers in each class. We are a family and you will not find someone who tries hard to be fair to all and wants this type of racing to continue to thrive for the racers, and the fans. A drag sway bar will result in far too much roll stiffness and oversteer for a road-race car, and a road-race sway bar won’t adequately control body twisting at launch in a serious drag car. NHRA - Camping World - The NHRA, the largest auto racing organization in The "big four" battle it out at the 2018 Las Vegas four-wide race (TRD) celebrates two decades in nitro drag racing Alley Cat Drag Racing presents: The Lock-In Gates open at 3pm, racing begins at 4pm Featuring: Small Tire No Time Shootout $200 entry $5000 to win! Sluder Power Big Tire No Time Shootout $100 Friday Night Street Night – May 29th, 2020 – Gates open 6:30pm - FRIDAY NIGHT STREET NIGHT Come on out and burn some rubber and race the Fastest Street Cars in Houston without getting arrested! Drag racing seems simple at first, but the more you look into the sport where whoever crosses the finish line before the other wins, the more complicated and fascinating it becomes. 0" Drag Racing Tires in the rear combined with a set of Pomona Drag Spec Wheels for the ultimate scale hot-rod look. Erin Bussard in the Black 'Menace' Camaro -vs- Joe Mumma in the Silver TA. 00. Unlike other sites offering cheap drag racing tires, we offer brand name drag racing tires at discount prices. This formula ties to the results All cars must be a door car, no dragsters in BT, ST, and DR. The ultimate online resource guide to the world of drag racing, including categorized links, photo galleries, guide to E. 2021 Team Shootout will be bringing all the action you can pack in a fun team style competition! Classes Will Be Big Tire, Small Tire, Mod Muscle, and Grocery Getter, and a wild card car. ” It’s limited basically to the 315 tire,” Martin says of Radial Versus the World. No steering assist (no gyros). . His new car is a 2005 Ford Mustang, powered by a 400ci Small Block Ford and twin Precision 88mm turbos. What drag racing offered was the thrill of head-to-head competition. Steel roof and quarters! Heads Up No Time. Drag Radial: Must have stock style front suspension, any size DOT stamped drag radial tire, no bias ply tires, no wheelie bars, no tube chassis, back half cars allowed. 18; 1/8 Scale 2wd Trucks. Associated DR10 Kit: https://bit. I even consider a 33x10. Jump to. Drag rules - posted in Slot Drag Racing: There was a recent post where cheating was alleged. Rear slicks are permitted and are limited to a maximum side wall designation of 14. “Everything from a Big Block Chevy to a Hemi to a crazy billet, 1000ci nitrous motor is fair game. “More than anything, we’re excited to go drag racing,” says Rowe, checking in from the airport en route to Gainesville Raceway. Aside from the independent Outlaw 10. . The weather was beautiful although during the day track temps reached 115 degrees so many of the racers had some trouble getting down the track so it was a tuners race for sure! Small tire rules are as follows. Contact BMP Tech Department. . 18″ wheel size has 30″ maximum tire size allowed, slicks allowed. 16 Congratulations to our 2016 NHRA King of the Track Champion Located in Belle Rose, between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. August 21 st – World Cup of Drag Racing / Outlaw 10. WINNER TAKES ALL! 1st- $4000. Made from the highest grade forged aluminum, each WELD racing wheel is engineered and crafted for one purpose, to win. The grace period would give the tire makers time to sell their current 12-inch inventory. Wheelbase: Start with a low amount of tire pressure. As the swing event in the points chase, racers in each class are looking to position themselves well for a second-half charge to the top of the points standings. The world’s quickest and fastest street legal drag race cars are set for Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week, a grueling event that includes 1,000-plus highway miles, and five days of drag racing at Rules for participating in the live events can be found below or can be dowloaded at the link: No Prep Kings Rules – 2018 – v5 6. Class eligibility is based on requirements that include type of Class/Rules. Any tire ok, must have vin tag. Cars must be pulled and made legal as race continues. WHAT IS DRAG RACING? A drag race is an acceleration contest from a standing start between two vehicles over a measured distance. 50, 10. big tire drag racing rules